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Celebrate who you are !

Welcome to 
Rebel Rainbow

We supply a range of fun merch to the LGBT+ community to help celebrate who we are.


Welcome to Rebel Rainbow
Rebel Rainbow’s vision is to be an inspiration all South Africans: to make life choices in line with who each of us truly are; to grow and develop to be the best version of ourselves, irrespective of what society expects from us.

To express and share the message of kindness and tolerance of all humans. We offer referrals for support and a safe space for LGBT+ youth and adults, as well as referrals for support to parents or family of queer youth where needed.

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Order your T shirt! R350 including shipping in SA
 Choose an image from the poster. 

Note:- T shirts come in black, white, red and pink.. Small, medium and large. Image can be placed on the front or back.  

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I have the right to be who I really am. I have the right to express myself in whichever way I choose. I have ability to choose my perspective in life and I choose to celebrate who I am and support others who are going through their own journey. I choose to live with love and tolerance, making the world a safer and more loving place for each human and animal on it.


There are more than 50 flags recognized by the lgbtqia+ community, each with their own meaning, symbolism, context and cultural significance.


Gender identity is a person's sense or personal understanding of their own gender


Sexuality is completely separate from gender. Sexuality is who you are attracted to.

Safe space contact.

@rebelrainbowofficial |

+27 84 260 8888 

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