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Who are we?

I have been coaching around self esteem, self discovery and inspiration for 12 years,
and I thought I had a relatively good grip on life, people and the world. And then one
of my children discovered they are non binary. That threw me for a loop! I have been
confronted with the reality that not everything I believed to be true about the world,
actually is. This raised the question : what else don’t I know or understand, and if I
was mistaken about what I thought to be true, who else is also doesn’t know that they
don’t know this. This sent me on a journey of self discovery and healing, which
continues every day- but the conclusion that I have come to for now, is that each of
us has the ability to choose our perspective on life, how we show up in the world and
how we treat other people.

Now, years later, as a parent of a trans femme, a trans masc and a cis child ( 2
adults and a teen) my kids are my go-to, to check myself and my perspective. I
have decided I want to be a support to the community as much as possible, and to

be a point of reference for other parents who need guidance when their kids come
out. The T shirts and merch is for fun, but the vision and philosophy are my commitment to make a small contribution of love and acceptance while passing on
that message to others.

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